Quiche with Pumpkin and Gorgonzola

Quiche with pumpkin and gorgonzola

As you know this month it’s all about pumpkin! Sice i got a huuuuge pumpkin last year from my grandmother, and it’s still holding up – now in the freezer, i decided to cook something new everytime. It all started with a Pumpkin soup with garlic (recipe here), and it continued with this amazing Quiche with Gorgonzola in it. So you tell me, how can you not like it? It has smelly cheese!

But since this pumpkin journey  I discovered that the world is divided into two: the pumpkin lovers and there are those who hate pumpkin from the bottom of their souls. As it is Lex Luthor for Superman, The Mandarin for the Iron Man, Green Lanthern to Sinestro, Jonah Hex to Quentin Turnball… their nemesis! 

But these words are for those who love pumpkin in any form, pies, cakes, shakes, seeds, salads, soups … and this mix, pumpkin and smelly cheese it’s awesome! 

Let’s get down to business!

For the crust you’ll need:

  • Vegetable Oil – 100 ml
  • All purpose flour – 250 g
  • Salt – 1 tsp
  • Baking soda – 1 tsp
  • Warm water – 100 ml

For the filling:

  • Baked pumpkin – 500g (diced)
  • Heavy cream – 200 ml
  • Gorgonzola – 100g (or any blue cheese)
  • Red onion – 2 large – julienne
  • Oil – 30 ml
  • Eggs – 4
  • Rosemary – a pinch

First of all i diced the pumpkin and mixed it with a few drops of olive oil, a pinch of rosemay and a pinch of salt, and then put it in the oven on low heat for 30-40 minutes, until it’s all soft. 
Meanwhile i made the crust. It’s easy peasy –  just put all the flour (250g) in a large bowl and mix it with the dry ingredients – salt and backing soda. Make a hole in the middle and pour while mixing 100 ml olive oil and then 100 ml warm water. Mix until you get a nice dough and set aside.
Let’s take care of that filling – mix the eggs with 200 ml heavy cream, and then add 100g crumbled gorgonzola. If the pumpkin is ready put in the same bowl with the filling and mix it. Now let’s saute that onion with a pinch of oil, until soft and tender. 
Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and rolling from center outward, form a round shape so that it will fit into you pan. Put it into bottom and sides of you plate, gently. Now pour the pumpkin filling in it and bake it for 45 – 60 minutes – until golden brown! 

Quiche with pumpkin and gorgonzola

Cook & Photo & Main eater: Ionela
Inspired by: www.closetcooking.com


Cherry tomatoes and ricotta tart

Tomatoes tart with ricotta and parmesan

Hey there! I made a nice tart with ricotta, parmesan and tomatoes, it’s colorfull, healthy and cand be served anytime… brunch, lunch or dinner.

By the way, this cand give you a serious state of foodvana. 

You’ll need:

  • Ricotta – 250g
  • Grated Parmesan – 100g
  • Cherry tomatoes – 500g
  • Dried basil – a pinch
  • Salt
  • Olive oil

For the shell:

  • Butter – 150g (room temperature)
  • All purpose flour – 300g
  • Eggs 2-3 (depends on their size)
  • Salt – a pinch


First of all, let’s make the dough for the shell. Put the flour in a large bowl and add the butter too, and using your hands start to combine everything. Then add the eggs and a pinch of salt, and mix’em well enough to form a nice dough ~ 5 minutes. Wrap it in plastic wrap and let it cool for at least half an hour in refrigerator.
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Then roll the dough on the counter with flour spread all over it until you have a round shape that will fit on your pie pan, abou 5mm thick. Flour your pan and then place the dough over the tart pan and press it on the corners so that it will fit. Remove the excess dough using pan’s sharp edge. Fill the pie shell with rice, beans or pastry weights, and bake it for 10 minutes, then remove the weights and let it cool a bit.

Now let’s take care of that easy filling. Combine ricotta with parmesan, you’ll get a thick mixture. Fill the tart shell with this cream. On top add sliced tomatoes, sprinkle with salt, olive oil and dried basil.

Put it in the oven, 180C for about 45 – 60 minutes. Et voila!

Tarta cu rosii-5614

Tomatoes tart with ricotta and parmesan
Tomatoes tart with ricotta and parmesan

Tomatoes tart with ricotta and parmesan

Cook: Irina
Foto: Ionela
Inspired by: www.ciaochowbambina.com

Quiche with bacon and peas


Yesterday I was talking with a friend about moving away from home, and how we both thought: “Let’s try new recipes!”  But then, we started doubting it will work, you know the old “What if…” enemy. Well I say to hell with this “what if…” let’s give it a try!

I’m telling you, this recipe will open your appetite. It’s insanely easy, full of flavor, perfect for lunch, dinner or even brunch.

So, if you want to impress your guests, this is the perfect way to do it… this beauty has bacon, cheese and a super easy homemade crust. I mean what’s not to love about this quiche? 

So how are you’re going to answer this call? Hell YEAH!

You know what they say: “Give a man a quiche and you feed him for the day, do not teach him how to make it and have more for yourself? After all, cooking is not that hard!”

The crust:

  • 250 g all purpose flour 
  • 1 teaspoon salt 
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder 
  • 100 ml hot water 
  • 100 ml oil 


  • 200 g fresh or frozen peas 
  • 1/2 small onion chopped 
  • 70 g bacon (it can be replaced with chicken or mushrooms) 
  • 2 eggs 
  • 200 g ricotta
  • 20 g grated cheese 
  • a dash of oil 
  • salt 
  • pepper 
  • basil 

Preheat the oven at 180C. Grease a pan with butter, sprinkle some flour and set aside.
In a large bowl mix all this ingredients for your crust: flour, salt, baking powder, hot water and oil (yes, that simple!) until you get a nice dough. Set aside.
To make the filling you’ll have to sauté the onion for 1 minute, when translucide add the bacon cut into pieces and the peas, (I strongly recommend boiling the peas, for 5-10 minute before adding them in the quiche) and cook for another 2 minutes on medium-low heat.
In another large bowl mix the eggs and add the ricotta and grated cheese. When it’s smooth add the beacon-peas-onion mixture.
Roll out your dough (0, 5 cm thick) and put it in your greased tin. Pour over your filling and bake for 30-45 min. or until it has a light-brown color. When served add some fresh basil leaves.

Mais, OUI!
P.S. Is it just me or this tart looks like a pac man?! Om-nom-nom-nom!


Cook: Irina Mihart
Foto: Ionela Stoica
Inspired by: www.lauraadamache.ro

Strawberry and cream tart


Tarta_1Is there anyone in this world who can say “No” to a tart? I didn’t think so either!
Since Irina saw this tart on Edith’s Kitchen blog, she said “Ok, that my darling, that it’s a must do”.
So we gathered on a Sunday and made the tart, yeah that easy! And delicious! And fruity! And light! Did i mention how tasty and easy-to-do this tart is? And you can use about any given fruit!

Ingredients for the tart shell:

  • 300 g all-purpose flour
  • 150 g butter
  • 2 eggs


  • 500 g sweet cheese 
  • 150 g caster sugar
  • 450g strawberries
  • 1  package of powdered gelatin
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • vanilla essence

Combine the flour, melted butter, eggs and a pinch of salt. Wrap the resulting dough with plastic foil and refrigerate it for 30 min. After that remove it from the fridge, roll out the dough so that it can fit into your tart pan. Cover your pan with the dough and remove the  excess. Fill it with dried beans or rice, prick the bottom of the shells all over with a fork and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. When ready set aside to cool.

The cream

Make a puree from strawberries. Mix the cheese with sugar. Mix the strawberries with the cheese. Put the gelatin powder in lemon juice and some water (a few drops) and let it be for 5 minutes. Mix the gelatin with the strawberry-cheese cream.  Pour the cream in the shell and refrigerate for a few hours. 

Strawberry tart3

Photo: Stoica Ionela
Cook: Irina Mihart
Reteta: Ediths kitchen


Roasted tart with mushrooms and brie


When I first ate this baby i was like: Whooooa, too good to be true, i can’t get my mouth off you… I’m telling you this mushroom – potato – brie tart it’s the easiest tart that you can do! Should i mention that it’s a great food lunch for the next day?
Ok, ok, you’ll thank me later, and send me gifts, and sing songs about this tart and even build a statue… Awwwwww…
Ok, snap back to reality, let’s bake a tart people!




Ingredients for a medium sized tray:

  • 1 frozen puff pastry
  • 500g champignon mushrooms
  • 3-4 garlic cloves
  • a few boiled potatoes – slices
  • 100 – 150 g Brie cheese
  • salt
  • pepper

From a dough package you can make about three tarts, cut just a third and put the rest in the freezer for the next time you’ll make this tart. Leave it to thaw. Meanwhile slice the potatoes and put them to boil in water and salt – about 15 minutes. Cut the mushrooms in slices and toss to coat in a pan with oil, a sprinkle of salt, pepper and chopped garlic – until they are soft (5-10 minutes). Meanwhile roll out pastry on a floured surface so that it can cover your tray. Cover your tray with backing sheet, cover it with your pastry, add a potato layer, a mushroom layer and cover with Brie. Bake it until it’s golden brown and the cheese has melted – 20 – 30 min.

Et voila!


Mushroom Brie Tart_3

Photo: Stoica Ionela
Cook: Irina Mihart
Reteta: www.ontario.ca