Chicken Quesadilla

Quesadilla cu pui

 Oh boy, this recipe it’s so easy and time friendly that going to fast food restaurants will be part of your dark history. You only need 30 min. and some leftovers to make it. Feel free to replace the meat with some fried mushrooms to make it vegetarian friendly.

And improvise! Cooking it’s about having fun!


Serves: 2
You’ll need:

  • Lebanese flat bread – 3
  • Red Bell-Pepper – 1, chopped
  • Green onion – chopped
  • Chicken Breast – 1/2 diced
  • Shreded cheese
  • Mayo – cateva linguri
  • Tomatoes – 1 – deseeded and chopped

Quesadilla cu pui


How it’s done?

I fried chicken pieces in a pan for a few minutes, until the pieces are all golden on the outside. While the chicken is in the pan we will handle the vegetables. Cut the pepper and tomatoes into small pieces and set aside. 

Spread on half of your lebanese flat bread some mayo (not too much) with shreded cheese, vegetables and chicken pieces. Fold the quesadilla in half and place it onto a pan over low heat, until the cheese melts – be sure to put it on both sides so that the bread will be crispy.

And this is it!
Arriba, arriba, andale, andale… Go make a quesadilla!

Quesadilla Power!

Quesadilla cu pui

Quesadilla cu pui

Foto: Ionela Stoica



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