Ratatouille with Chicken

Ratatouille with chicken

It’s autumn, and we start to enjoy the confort of our homes, it’s warmth, that everything it’s going to be ok feeling. You know! This dish, it’s perfect for those moments, when you need comfort food, a hot shower, a book, a good movie and a hug. 

I know that all you want in some days is to go in bed and just finish the day faster, i know that feeling. But also try to enjoy that feeling you get when you cook for your family, that feeling that you protect them and they got your back covered.


Serves: 2
You’ll need:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Chicken legs –  2 
  • Red onion – 1 (cut into wedges)
  • Garlic – 4 cloves
  • Paprika – 1 tsp.
  • Red pepper – 1 cut into pieces
  • Aubergine – 1 small and sliced
  • Courgettes or zucchini – chopped
  • Tomato puree – 1 tbsp.
  • Stock or water – 100 – 150 ml
  • Tomatoes – 1 chopped
  • Fresh Basil leaves 
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Pre-heat the oven, it won’t take long before we’ll use it to put our dish there. Heat the oil in a pan and brown the chicken on all sides, until it changes it’s color, then set aside. In the same pot add the onion  and cook it for 5 minutes, until it’s all soft and sparkly. Add the garlic and paprika, and mix everything, stirring for 1 minute. It’s pepper time! Add the pepper, the aubergine and the courgettes. Stir in 1tbsp. tomato puree and pour the stock. Return the chicken to the pan, and season with salt and a pinch of pepper. 

Cover the pot and place it in the oven for 30 minute, adding the sliced tomatoes and basil. Let it cook for another 20 minutes.


Ratatouille with chicken

Ratatouille with chicken


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